নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার ফলাফল
Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
ulti-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women

Structure of PIU
Activities of PIU
  1. Consolidate and maintain the linkages to all collaborating ministries and other stakeholders.
  2. Initiate and facilitate the renovation, construction and equipment of OCCs, DNA Laboratories.
  3. Guide, supervise and initiate the work at all OCCs and other component in accordance with technical and financial support.
  4. Initiate and organize Steering Committee, Coordination Committee and other meeting when necessary.
  5. Prepare work plan, budget and any other report as per requirement.
  6. Prepare proper plans for the awareness campaigns concerning OCCs are developed and implemented.
  7. Proper documentation of VAW related incidents.
  8. Follow up on any decision taken in Steering Committee.
  9. Establish and maintain a routinely supervision system to all programme sites.
  10. Facilitate the daily management of all the OCCs and maintain close collaboration with the Directors of the Medical College Hospitals and the Working groups concerning the daily efficient operation of OCCs.
  11. Ensure smooth and timely implementation of all Activities of the programme.
  12. Ensure the timely placement of all staff in the OCC, DNA Laboratory.
  13. Facilitate all training requirements and activities for OCC and other personnel.
  14. Facilitate all Awareness raising Campaigning activities
  15. Develop publication and information material related to project activities.
  16. Facilitate the meeting for follow up of former victims of OCCs and help them as their requirements.
  17. Establishes the linkage between GO/NGO facilities for rehabilitation of the OCC victims
  18. Facilitate and promote national knowledge about the concept of the programme.
  19. Facilitate qualified health service, counseling, legal support and rehabilitation for survivors of violence
  20. Prepare and initiate all requirements for the hiring of national and international consultants.
  21. Participate and facilitate all audits and reviews and consultancy work as required.
  22. Make sure that disbursements of fund are done in accordance with GOB and RDE financial rules and regulations.
  23. Responsible for the submission of the required reports with regard to the demand from GOB and RDE.
  24. Build awareness among the group of Imams through workshop and training programme
  25. Raise awareness to build model Upazilla in divisions for VAW free society through workshop, training, seminar, meeting etc. at upazilla level.