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FAQ on One-Stop Crisis Centre (OCC)
ulti-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women

One-Stop Crisis Centre (OCC)

1. What is OCC?

The OCC provides all required all required for a victim women and children in one place. Eight OCCs have been established in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Barisal,Khulna, Rangpur and Faridpur Medical College Hospital. The OCC provides the following services:

Health care ,
Police Assistance ,
Social Services ,
Legal Assistance ,
Psychological Counseling ,
Shelter Services ,
Medico legal examination with DNA Test

2. How does OCC accept cases?

Victim got admitted to the OCC either emergency or outpatient door of concern Medical College Hospital.

3. What types of services are given to the victim at OCC?

OCC Provides

  1. Health Care
  2. Police Assistance
  3. DNA Test
  4. Social Services,
  5. Legal Assistance,
  6. Psychological Counselling and Shelter Services etc.

4. Who are the Beneficiaries of the OCCs?

The beneficiaries of the OCCs are women and children victims of violence.


5. How many staffs are working in OCC?

Total 21 personnel are working in each OCC. Among them Coordinator
(Senior Medical Officer )-1
Medical Officer- 3,
Social Welfare Officer-1,
Sub-Inspector of Police - 2,
Senior Staff Nurse- 6,
Police Constable - 2,
Lawyer- 1,
Psychological Counselor - 1,
Computer operator- 1 and
Cleaner- 3 5.
Services given to the victims are free of charge?


6. Services given to the victims are free of charge?

All the services provided to the victims are free of charge.

7. How many victims are treated in the OCCs so far?

From the beginning to November 2009 a total of 8653 women and children received various services from the OCCs.